Being a Mayor in a New City is Tough

So I get into arguments with the Transit Authority very regularly, specifically the head of it who I cannot get fired no matter what I do. Everytime we have a meeting it devolves into yelling, the other members of the council just stare blankly or cower. I swear, it’ll be nice to have some back-up here. None of the members of the board have any cojones or heart. It always just requests and yes-man styled criticism that is anything but.

I hate this guy.

I should beat him up next time he comes outside.

Getting back to the TA, I honestly do not see how he gets to keep his job. I mean he gets the work done but demands too much money for his position. I fully fund the road, bus and rail endeavors of the city so that we can all get around find and dandy. That just isn’t enough for the man. It took me about half a decade to realize that he was requesting money subways, light transit and other means of transportation that we just do not have in the city. WHERE THE HECK DID THE MONEY GO?!

He can never answer that question and yet he tells me that I can’t cut funding to things that we don’t even have. He always tells me that I will be sorry. Dale just doesn’t play that, he jumps up and slams his hands on the table and yells right back. We live next door to each other. I swear if I have to see him come outside in his undies to rake leaves again I will remove every entrance and exit to his home while he and his family are inside of it, video tape it and put it up on youtube. You see, things are very serious in my city. All of these simpletons, these sims… I can’t stand them. They are so demanding. They want too much, I’m no longer giving in to them. I have a city to run and no one will upset the interests of the people for as long as I am mayor.


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