People Believe That It’s Racist To Require A 2.0 (‘C’ Average) To Be Admitted to College

That’s the truth according to CBS.

“Students would be required to have a minimum 2.0 grade-point average in a summer program before being accepted for the fall.”

“Critics say it could hurt the school’s urban mission and reduce the number of minorities, especially from Detroit Public Schools.”

Maybe that title is far too misleading. There’s no actual claims of racism being made, just analyses that if the bar is raised to *cough* mediocre level *cough* that the new placement will be a significant barrier to minorities. It’s insulting to read something like this but it’s true from the perspective being shown. Many of the local applicants for Wayne State University are minorities. Many of local applicants are also poor people or at least come from an area that’s demographically poorer than a place like Ann Arbor.

For more detailed information, please click the picture for its' source.

For more detailed information, please click the picture for its’ source.

Studies show that people straddling the poverty line are more likely to perform poorly in school. What I don’t like about how the opinions were presented about this change is that it implies that minorities inherently need a lower bar to advance when this is actually a different type of demographical issue.

Honestly now. I’m not expecting everyone to be a genius but this increasing level of mediocrity was part of the problem with affirmative action. Do you know how easy it is to maintain a 2.0 gpa, to not be able to do so means that the students can barely read or perform at functional levels in categories like applied math or science.

That means that students are failing to do something as simple as basic slope formulas and using conjunctions. Not memorizing slope formula, *using it*. Not memorizing things like “and” but misusing them. It is not racism to expect students to be able to perform at a proficient level before pursuing higher forms of education.

What good does it do a person to attempt the lowly bachelor’s in general studies if they can’t even understand the coursework? I am for helping people improve themselves but not at the expense of others who deserve the better chances based upon merits. Somewhere there’s a brilliant student that can’t afford college or a decent living because they didn’t have children, didn’t crap out on health, isn’t gaming the system for a handout or making awful choices that tax money subsidizes.

I would increase the gpa requirement to 2.4 minimum, require that educational aides like tutors be used and require anyone that uses government money to pay for more than 50% of their education to only pursue majors that lead to careers that aren’t estimated to be in decline by the time their studies are done. People will still have freedom of choice, but if they’re going to use a public resource to further themselves then it need not be in vain.

Of course, I do recognize that what I would do isn’t something that many people would like. The point is that there needs to be a balance between the expectations of quality education and what is actually offered. I do believe that just cutting it at a 2.0 is a bit weak based upon prior experiences in college. Many, not all but many, students in my classes that performed poorly did complete 180’s positively in their college work when faced with losing their grants and being placed on academic probation.

I do not like the current system because it allows for too much laziness and procrastination, at least at the entry level. College is serious business and should be treated that way from the beginning. What would you do if given the choice to set the bar for minimum admission and academic allowance for a public university? Comment below.

One thought on “People Believe That It’s Racist To Require A 2.0 (‘C’ Average) To Be Admitted to College

  1. What about aptitude testing, for those who can’t or won’t (for whatever reason) carry a GPA? The minimum requirement could be “this GPA, or these scores on this or that well-standardized aptitude test”. Driven people could skip ahead, and people who weren’t in traditional school enough to hold a decent GPA could still get higher education.

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