It’s AT&T’s Time of the Month…

Can’t believe it’s that time of the month again… It’s always annoying having the email address hacked. I’m just going to finish downloading the messages from it, then transfer them to gmail or another account. It’s not even like a I use a crappy password. It uses my old 05 format for passwords, but it should be good enough. I’ll reveal it since it’s one of my last accounts to use that format.

PassworDAnDSitEAnDBrowseRXXX where X are numbers. It’s bad enough that email still uses POP, but there’s no reason my mail should be getting raped every month. Not even hotmail has this issue.

Not only that, but to put it simply POP3 sucks . It stands for Post Office Protocol version 3. If you use a mail client, a special program that lets you download your email so that it’s viewable and manageable even while offline, then any emails sent from it do not get saved on the server. This is like saying if you do not hand your outgoing mail to the mailman, there will not be any significant record of it being sent. There are a few other shortcomings, especially when compared to IMAP, but the sending issue is the biggest one for me. The syncing across multiple clients easily is the second.

I found this out the hard way in ’09 when I was fighting against my landlord. Thank God I faxed them via the internet too or things could be much worse now. IMAP stands for “Internet Mail Access Protocol”. It’s sleek and efficient in comparison to POP. It has all of the same abilities as pop, but the sent emails are all recorded online, even when sent from a mail client. Just imagine that IMAP is like sending every piece of mail certified. IMAP keeps everything perfectly in sync without having to fiddle around with it a lot.

Still lost? When you go to a website like, that’s called web mail or web based mail. It’s the way that most people handle their email. You can go to any computer and all of your emails will be present. Both inbox and outbox. Mail clients are programs like Outlook or Thunderbird. They run on your computer like Microsoft Office or Internet Explorer. They give you full access to your email like going to the website, but keep a copy saved to your computer. That’s good for personal organization, for laptops, and for people with data caps on their internet service.

If their webmail uses POP, then all of your actions aren’t recorded, they aren’t synced. Itunes keeps music on a computer and an ipod synced. IMAP does that for email, it keep it synced between the web and your computer. There are more differences between the two protocols, but the improvement in syncing is arguably the most significant difference aside from the enhanced security it offers. Hotmail uses POP, most free and even paid email uses pop. If you want IMAP then you’ll need to use gmail, pay for your email service or to host your own email server yourself. POP isn’t completely without syncing and server to client-side features, but they pale in comparison to the power and ease of an IMAP based email server.

Why was I using It’s free, it’s a good way to transfer facebook contacts out of the backdoor to other networks like Google+ and for some reason potential employers respect over gmail. I have an email address but I’ve given up that hosting. I’m trying to get ownership of It’s not easy, eventually I’ll have to settle for a different domain. I’m going to need to set up a few more web thingies to increase presence and communication. Most of my content supporters just email me or circle me for now. It’s a small group but it’s growing.

If I haven’t completely lost you then I’d like to know how you handle your email. There are plenty of options available today that can, in some cases, be mixed and matched for interesting abilities and uses.


2 thoughts on “It’s AT&T’s Time of the Month…

  1. Past: Archive/backup POP3 folders from Thunderbird. Sometimes I’d use BCC to myself at the same or a different address for record keeping.

    Current: Using gmail over IMAP in alpine. I tried IMAP in Opera but it feels less productive (gui) and I struggled/failed to emulate gmail’s ‘archive’ feature (via the right combination of hotkeys or labels or whatever).

    (I read an interesting idea -maybe from one of your earlier posts? – about having your own domain and hosting your own server, and, in case your own connection is offline, using a secondary mail record in the domain reg to forward through a service like gmail. I have no experience doing this and feel an encrypted-message-enabled IMAP client could suffice.)

    • Thank youfor replying, yes you would need to use DynDNS for self hosting a small web server. If you’re getting fewer than a 1,000 clicks daily and at a moderate pace throughout the day then it may be best to do it that way if you want to have your own ads up.

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