Trouble in Detroit Public Transit

Recently another bus driver for the City of Detroit, Michigan was attacked while on-duty.

The bus drivers in Detroit have long been in a bad position. When something goes wrong it really is seen as their fault and not administrations. I know many of the drivers out here today including the one attacked earlier. There are a few truly lazy drivers with despicable practices but he wasn’t one of them.

I don’t blame the police either. It is their job to help provide some means of security, it’s not a job for the light hearted. I respect them for simply taking a job where they willingly place their lives at risk to try to protect the community from those that want to destroy it. What may have happened is that some people at the Transit Center may have yelled for police, but that they did not actually call or run around to look for them.

The response rates are pretty bad in Detroit. It’s a city that has a wild minority willing to shoot itself in the foot by abusing every service and person willing to help make it a better place. I’d try to come up with a battle plan too or to make sure that my partner was 100% before attempting to help someone else. “Sometimes drowning people kill their rescuers”. Very true words.

If people can rise against the “1%” that control the bulk of the wealth, then why not against the “1%” that prove to be the bad apples of the bunch? One more saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”. That does not always need to be used when referring to raising children. Why can’t the child respect prosperity and the future? Wouldn’t it take all of the community being united to help cultivate it? This was once a nation under God, what has it become now?


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