MC Chris Has Good Taste in Games


To summarize what he’s saying, more games need to get to the point earlier than they do today. This rant was relevant about 5 years ago when he made it. It’s still relevant now. Lots of games did not force the player to go through back stories or other uninteresting gaming elements when they had 16 bits or less to work with. Sure, it still happened but it wasn’t nearly as prevalent in the past as it is today. Final Fantasy VII got straight to the point, Final Fantasy X starts off confusing and could be seen as a waste of time by some.

I love Final Fantasy X, it’s one of my most favorite role playing games but it has a slow start. It definitely does set up the rest of the story, but the same affect could have been achieved much more quickly if the game had of started off on the Al-Bhed boat. That combined with quick flashbacks for the “tutorial” and a condensed form of the story could have made the plot more interesting than annoying. Of course, I’m just one die. Final Fantasy X is just one side of that and is far away from being one of the worst offenders.


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