Short but effective budgeting

A favorite of mine, Fabulously Broke, has recently posted their ideal of budgeting. They go further than other sites and flat out tell their readers that they do not need cable tv. I’m a fairly frugal person that loves to collect stuff. I will admit that my budget initially begins light but becomes heavy throughout the month. I blame Amazon Prime and their constant sales on that issue. I normally have rent (it’s nice living in an apartment that includes all utilities), cell phone (pre-paid Virgin Mobile), and groceries. I use public transit, my bike and my feet for most of my traveling. I know, no car in today’s world? There are plenty of local shops that cater to people’s needs that are often looked over for a store like Walmart. Savings from gas, insurance, time, car note (if you don’t own it) and other miscellaneous charges can be redirected to savings accounts or just buying more stuff if that’s your thing. There’s nothing inherently wrong with choosing to shop at a large store like Walmart but to shop there exclusively will make you blind and miss out on other treasures in life.

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