Occupy the World

It’s okay, it’s okay baby. As you sit in your office while the people of the world rebel at their governments, systems and leaders you’ll be fine… won’t you? You’re in the U.S., there’s so much fluoride in the drinking water that people won’t have the will to act on the abuse that you subject them and their fellow Americans to, right? No one could organize and plan to work your system against you or even plan to overthrow it completely, that would be madness! Besides, those people allow for themselves to be troubled, if they didn’t like the way things are then they ought to speak up and let us know. Wait, that’s what they’re doing outside? That’s not the right way, no not at all. They need to lobby Congress and pay many people to shout endlessly at their legislators for change to happen. They need to spend millions of dollars to keep that industry going so that we can continue to neglect their welfare and well-being by spending that money on legislation, err on debating so that we can do as we like. No, no honey. It’s okay. You can go to sleep, we’re not on a sinking Titanic now, we’re in an unassailable position that will not need to do anything but gesture mockingly at best. Change will only come when we write the check for it. We’ll talk more about your unfounded fears of progress being made against us.


Release Your Thoughts

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