Customer Service Tuesday

Because Monday is already bad enough.

USPS has no idea when a package will be delivered, that’s a bit understandable. I mean those bar code scanners and trip processes aren’t perfect, but to quote Soul Plane 2: The Black Jacking? “It’s going to get there when it’s going to get there.”

<a href=””Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software discusses the importance of pacing and setting proper expectations in role playing games. People won’t play games that don’t satisfy them and it can be expected that to ask them to make decisions about something that won’t make sense until the middle or end of the game can destroy their happiness and cause the player to choose to never return to the experience again. Vogel also discusses customer service and troubleshooting very candidly. Yes, he does go beyond asking “have you tried turning it off and on again?”

I’ve lied about product issues in the past and haven’t been this lucky. I’ve told the truth and still wasn’t treated properly. Most of the time it seems like customer service, as discussed between consumers, is code for free stuff and sucking up. I didn’t deserve the free transfer pak that Nintendo sent me as a kid, but I did deserve to have my Zune Pass charges refunded since I canceled that subscription about 10 days before the end of the month. I guess that’s what I deserve, Microsoft getting back at me for the pain that I caused Nintendo so many years ago.

Pokemon Blue and Silver were the best of the polarity based pokemon GB games.

“The customer is always right…”, when it comes to how they’re experiencing customer service. I’m talking about actual customer service, not free stuff or getting an entity to do all but give you a sundae. That statement is often taken out of context and applied to every facet of business and products. People buy stuff that they want and are sure that they know what they want when their feelings and thoughts aren’t being co-opted by a salesperson.

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