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Bitmob has a fun piece up that shows off the stages of disagreeing with with a game review in a manner that contrasts with the stages of the acceptance of death. It’s fairly funny and as always the comments are good read at Bitmob. I don’t read traditional game reviews anymore. At least not at sites that have reviewers that feature reviewers that play through dozens of games a year as part of their career. Part of the reason that video game scores are saturated in such a small range from 6-10 is the fact that the reviewers gluttonously experience video games.

Some of the positives from doing such a thing would usually mean that a top rated game truly is the honey on your cheerios but that often isn’t the case since my tastes have diverged from those of most game reviewers. I’ve played Muramasa for Wii and I’ve loved it. The latest Mortal Kombat for PS3 and Xbox 360 were hotly anticipated by me because it returned to its’ roots and looked like it would contain a ridiculous amount of fun. Mortal Kombat has a sales pattern that many DS and Wii games have been noticed to have, Nintendo refers to it as the “long tail”. Mortal Kombat and other games like it may help to prove that such an effect are not exclusive to Nintendo software and hardware. Instead it’s the type of game and its’ ability to find a significant amount of its’ market.

Image Courtest of Did Not Finish
This games beauty doesn’t come close to outshining the joy experienced while playing it.

Games or experiences that focus intensely on being the interactive wonder that they are seem to stay in public consciousness and sales charts for a long time. This happens with titles all over the spectrum from proper Mario games to God of War. Video game reviews seem to mimic the games that can only do real business on a store shelf for a few weeks, by only popping up and being relevant for only a few weeks. Maybe video game reviews should be presented as the initial, honey moon review with a follow up on the same game a few months later. What this will determine is which parts of the game held up to the reviewers first impression along with their expressed feelings on how the game “feels” overall. I believe that this would be good method to try, what irks you about reviews that you’d like to see performed differently?

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